Bill would prevent tying teachers' licenses to standardized tests

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - There's a new push to make sure Tennessee teachers don't lose their licenses if students don't perform.

Tennessee Representative Matthew Hill of Jonesborough stopped at David Crockett High School in Washington County Monday morning to officially file the "Educator Respect and Accountability Act of 2014." The bill prevents the state board of education or department of education from basing licenses on standardized test scores.

Representative Hill and David Crockett High School Principal Andy Hare say the bill is easing the fears of teachers. "The teachers are scared. [They may get great evaluations but] they are absolutely terrified that one bad test score is going to make them lose a license," says Representative Hill.

"We deal with children. We deal with human beings and every day is a different animal. It's not fair to tie in a teacher's license based on what that child may have gone through, maybe something horrible the night before," said one teacher we spoke with.

Representative Hill says this legislation has a lot of support in the committee process with over 60 co-sponsors of the bill.

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