All Girl Robotic Team

Bristol, Tenn. -
Robots are just a part of the world these days. So how do you learn to build and program them?

It could very well start with the Lego League Robotics Competition held worldwide each year.

We visited with an all-girl team in Bristol preparing for competition.

It looks like a giant game board for some elaborate game and maybe it is. It's a scenario for a Lego built robot to complete.

The 2013 Lego Robotic Competition Challenge is called "Natures fury". It has tasks to perform in a disaster situation.

"The robot it has to start on base but it can be programmed to come over here and flip down this thing and the house lifts up," Fifth grader Jadyn Ward shows us.

And the YWCA team of all girls in Bristol, Tennessee gets points for that but they have some priorities for this disaster.

"Like get the people and the pets first and your supplies," Sixth grader Abigail Rushing points out.

But to get their robot to do those things it has to be programmed to perform those tasks.

"The cool thing about programming I mean you can get it to do almost anything you want it to do," Sixth grade programer Zailey Able said.

"You can make it turn and pick up things and just roll things over," Fifth grade programer Kirsten Paxton adds.

And again you get points for that. You also get points for performing a skit.

"About our project and some things that we have learned and experienced during Lego League," Fifth grader Julia Rakes said.

With a lot of trial and error there's a lot of learning going on. And they can offer a solution to their disaster situation.

"So our solution is a WAB which is really a weather alert bracelet so you wear it and it's like a phone," Sixth grader Alexa Lewis said.

The YWCA team is made up of ten of their top after- school students. Ten is the maximum number.

"We try to get the ten maximum members allowed to expose as many of our girls as we can to technology and robotics program that the Lego League offers," After school assistant Stefani Griffin said.

And all of this fun and learning is using what they learn in school for an after school project.

The girls will be competing this Saturday against teams from the region to earn one of two spots to the state competition.

It will be held at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon.

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