Affordable Care Act has one lawmaker speaking out

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - The Affordable Care Act has one Tennessee lawmaker speaking out against it and looking for solutions to fix it.

U.S. Representative Phil Roe tells us the Republican study committee finished a re-write of the bill just before they left Washington. The purpose of the bill is to try and overturn the Affordable Care Act.

We learned it will increase patient-doctor relationships and lower costs. something Roe says the Affordable Care Act doesn't do.

Roe says small businesses are saying the current law is a terrible idea for them. "The premise of the Affordable Care Act which is to lower cost and expand coverage is exactly right. The problem is that this bill didn't do that. What it ended up doing was raising cost and some people may even lose their health insurance," adds Roe.

Roe tells us the bill the Republican study committee finished is only 250 pages verses the 2,700 page bill that's in place now. He says that will also make everything a little easier to understand.

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