Activities Abound At Boone Lake Marina

PINEY FLATS, TN - On the weekends, people are usually looking for places to hang out. For some marinas have become the new hangout spot.

Seven years ago, Boone Lake Marina in Piney Flats, Tennessee looked completely different.

"We didn't have showrooms, we didn't have storage facilities, there wasn't even a gas pump," said Jerry Frank owner of the Boone Lake Marina.

Marinas used to rely only on sales from boating rental slips, but now thanks to restaurants and live music, Frank says that marinas have become a popular destination.

Even with the added restaurant and night life, Frank has high hopes for the future of the Boone Lake Marina.

"We're going to keep growing and keep doing what were doing," said Frank. "We'll see a lot more slips and a lot more storage sales in the future."

Boone Lake Marina is open from nine to five Monday through Saturday.

The Boondocks Restaurant is open Thursdays through Sundays and features food and live music.

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