$2M lawsuit filed against Unicoi Co., sheriff, deputy

UNICOI CO., Tenn. - Unicoi County Sheriff Michael Hensley, Deputy William Laws and the county itself are the subjects of a $2 million lawsuit filed in federal court.

Court documents filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Greeneville and obtained by News 5 reveal the matter stems from an incident on May 26th at the home of Robert Tilson of Unicoi County.

We found that Sheriff's deputies were called to Tilson's home to arrest men who broke into the residence to steal property.

The suit claims that during that arrest, Sheriff Hensley treated Tilson in a manner that violated Tilson's constitutional rights that protect against an unwarranted search and false arrest. 

The complaint requests a jury trial and asks for one million dollars in compensatory damages and another one million dollars in punitive damages.

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