$1 million win for engaged Chattanooga couple

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The upcoming nuptials of a Chattanooga couple were sweetened a bit more today as the smiling duo claimed a $1 million prize at the Tennessee Lottery's Nashville headquarters.

The lucky win came from playing the Lottery's instant-ticket game, Tennessee Lottery Black, and on the heels of three additional instant wins—in a row.

According to Charles Sells, the engaged pair bought a Millionaire Jumbo Bucks ticket at Sunshine Food Mart , 4510 Rossville Blvd., in Chattanooga, and won $100. They decided to use $20 from that win to purchase a Win for Life ticket and won another $100. With that kind of luck, they opted for a third instant ticket, $5,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular, and raked in another $100. The then purchased a fourth and final ticket— a Tennessee Lottery Black ticket, which netted the $1 million winning grand finale.

"We couldn't believe it!" said Charles, who works with his father's trucking company. "It's unreal!" 

Charles and his fiancée, who brought their parents with them to claim the prize, plan to use their good fortune to purchase a home and start a solid savings fund.

This is the 108th winning ticket worth $1 million or more claimed since the Tennessee Lottery began selling tickets in January 2004.

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