Tennessee MADD Could Lose Specialty Tag Funding

The Tennessee chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving could soon lose a vital source of funding.

News 5 learned if 66 MADD specialty license plates are not sold in the state by the end of this month, they'll lose more than $12,000 of their annual funding. That's because the group must have at least 500 of the tags in circulation in the state of Tennessee to participate.

Without those funds even our region's MADD chapter could feel an impact. "They help with our youth programs. We have lots of youth programs, especially for alcohol and drugs programs for them, so it funds some of the things for that," said Linda Rothwell, a victims' advocate for MADD Tri-Cities.

We checked and found out a MADD license plate will cost you $60, and about $35 of that goes straight to Tennessee MADD.

You can buy your tags at your county clerk's office.

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