Tennessee High students remembered

BRISTOL - Friends, family and classmates gathered Saturday night to mourn the loss of two area teens killed in a car crash Friday afternoon.

Blake Looney, 17, and Colton Taylor, 15, were killed when their car hit a tree stump in a private, gated community in Washington County, Va.

One passenger, Charlie Arnie, 18, survived the crash.

A prayer vigil at Euclid Avenue Baptist Church and candlelight vigil at Tennessee High School were held Saturday night.

News5 spoke to students about how they will remember their friends.

Candles spelling out "B" and "C" for Blake Looney and Colton Taylor were surrounded by family and friends remembering their loved ones.

The candles were arranged in Looney's parking spot at Tennessee High School.

"He was always the kind of guy to make you laugh and smile," said Jesse Smith about Looney. Smith is a senior at Tennessee High.

He sat next to Looney in the trumpet section of the Tennessee High band. Taylor sat in front of them with the saxophone players.

"He always had a smile on his face, never down, the kind of guy who wanted to make everyone happy," Smith said about Taylor.

Smith told us he organized the candle light vigil as a message of hope.

"We thought that a candle light remembrance would be nice, it symbolizes light in the dark," he said.

Colton Taylor's family were at the vigil, along with about 50 students.

Many of the students went to vigil straight from an earlier prayer service.

The pews were filled at the Euclid Avenue Baptist Church in Bristol, Va. and in the front seat was Charlie Arnie, the only survivor of the accident.

Arnie called Taylor, Looney and himself "the three amigos" and asked the crowd to stay strong.

Looney and Taylor were also members of the high school swim team.

Teammate and senior at Tennessee High, Jeremy Fahn, told us their deaths have brought the swim team, band and school together.

"This bonding that has happened between us is a good thing and I see that this is a benefit but its also in the question why did it have to be through this," said Fahn.

Fahn told us he wishes he could have seen his friends one more time.

"I'm gonna miss them," he said.

Virginia State Police are handling the investigation.

We're told they are still looking into the cause of the accident.

They have told us that drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash and all three teens were wearing seat belts.

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