Tennessee Fans: Summitt Can?t Be Replaced

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Thirty-eight seasons and 1,098 wins later, Pat Summitt is turning in her name as head coach of her beloved Lady Vols.

As Lady Vols fans watch the news for themselves, the emotions of losing a legend are starting to sink in.

"I am upset, because she is such a great coach, but I kind of saw it coming," said Stephen Greenwell, an avid Tennessee fan.

Summitt announced her battle with dementia before the start of the season.

"It's sad you know, but she's doing it the right way," said Lady Vols fan Jeff White. "She's stepping down as a legend."

For ETSU shooting guard Natalie Pickwell, Coach Summitt's resignation means losing her role model on the court.

"I grew up going to the games. [I] used to go to their games all the time. I went to her camp three or four years, so she's definitely been a big inspiration in my life," said Pickwell.

From inspiration to a real opponent, Pickwell said Summitt will be missed as the woman who helped blaze a trail for women's basketball.

"I was disappointed. I was hoping she could stick it out a little longer, but you know you gotta do what you gotta do. She's going out on a good note," Pickwell added.

Long-time assistant coach Holly Warlick will take over as head coach, but the question is; can she fill the shoes of college basketball's winningest coach?

"It will take a while, maybe a year or two. Nobody really knows," said Jimmy Joyce, a Tennessee fan.

But many fans said no matter how good anyone else in on that orange and white court, the Lady Vols will never be the same.

"She can't be replaced," said White.

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