Tenn. zoo sends 5K endangered toads to Puerto Rico

POSTED: 8:17 AM Dec 11 2013   UPDATED: 4:23 PM Dec 11 2013

Nashville Zoo has sent more than 5,000 tadpoles to Puerto Rico as part of an effort to help saved the endangered Puerto Rican crested toad.

The species is the only native toad to the island, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed it as critically endangered since 2004.

The Nashville Zoo began efforts to breed the Puerto Rican crested toad since first acquiring the species in 2008 but was not successful until last year. A recent shipment of 3,774 tadpoles has brought the total number to more than 5,000 produced for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to release back into their native habitat in Puerto Rico.

Adult Puerto Rican crested toads are on display at the Nashville Zoo's "Unseen New World" exhibit.