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Military still dealing with cyberattack 'mess'

computer servers cyberattack

A key military email system remains offline, one week after a cyberattack that one Defense Department official described as "serious."


'Failed star' displays powerful auroras

Brown dwarf star

Astronomers for the first time have spotted an aurora outside of our solar system.


IOS 9 makes the iPhone a smarter smartphone

Apple iOS9

The trope used to be that Android was for nerds and iPhones were for technophobes.


Primordial soup of compounds found on comet

Philae on Comet 67P

Could life on Earth have been kick-started by a comet strike? A startling discovery by the Rosetta comet-chasing mission has added fresh evidence to suggest that it is possible.


Facebook is now the world's most-used tech product

Facebook Lite easy app

Think Facebook is passé? Think again.

At the end of June, nearly 1.5 billion people used Facebook at least once a month, the company reported on Wednesday. That's more than any other technology product in the world, including Microsoft's ubiquitous Wi...


Samsung misjudged high demand for its smartphone

Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone

Oops! Samsung hasn't been making enough of their flagship Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones.

Samsung experienced "supply difficulties from higher-than-expected market demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge," the company said in a statement released alongside their se...


Amazon wants air space designated for drones

Amazon Prime Air, drone

Amazon wants a piece of the sky.


Google Maps will help you avoid waiting in line

wait times google maps

Don't you hate waiting in long lines? Google knows how you feel.


YouTube's 'RAT,' or webcam slaving problem

Cassidy Wolf

It's never been easier to learn how to hack, according to a new report.

Digital Citizens Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy group, has uncovered thousands of YouTube videos teaching wannabe hackers how to gain access to victims' webcams and computers.

One ...


Twitter's Jack Dorsey: We know we must be easier to use

Jack Dorsey's beard

Twitter's main problem has been, in a nutshell: People who know how to use it, love it. Everyone else kind of scratches their heads.


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Scientists warn world of killer robots

killer robots warning

Experts warn of "killer robot" arms race. CNN's Max Foster reports.


Scientific community is abuzz about Pluto

New Horizon beam

The scientific community is buzzing over images received from the New Horizons spacecraft. After a 10-year journey of more than 3.5 billion miles, it is now sending back images of Pluto in more detail than humans have ever seen.


Pluto scientists whoop it up!

Pluto celebration

When you witness history, you have reason to celebrate.  A moment nine years in the making, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto to capture never-before-seen images at close range on Tuesday. The unmanned vehicle took nearly a decade to travel 3 billion miles from Earth to the dwarf planet.


NASA probe reaches Pluto today

Pluto close

NASA's New Horizons probe flies by Pluto today and will begin sending back photos and data on the dwarf planet. NASA hopes to begin releasing photos on Wednesday.


On Camera: Robot 'Pepper' can read your emotions

Pepper 2

Japanese telecom company Softbank has created a robot named ‘Pepper’ designed to recognize human emotions and show its own ‘feelings.’ Softbank envisions ‘Pepper’ as a companion for the elderly, a teacher or an office and retail shop assistant.


Various realities on display at conference

Augmented reality

From the latest smart glasses to a 360-degree camera you can fit in your pocket, virtual and augmented reality were on display at the Augmented World Expo inhabits in Santa Clara, California.


Rare Apple I computer found in trash

first Apple computer

An Apple I computer, believed to be worth $200,000, was found in the trash.


Train tech may have prevented crash

PTC explained

CNN'S Tom Foreman takes a look at a safety system known as Positive Train Control and explains how it works.


NASA tests electronic aircraft propeller

Rotor wing 1

NASA technicians took to the desert in Bakersfield, California to test a multi-rotor electronic flying wing to be used in a future commuter vehicle, experts said.


Texas + emojis = TexMojis

Willie Nelson TexMoji

Rocksauce Studios in East Austin, Texas, is developing a series of Texas-based computer emoticons, or emojis, so Texans can text with special pride.


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