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  • Mars Panorama

    NASA orbiters OK after comet buzzes Mars

    It was the closest comet near-miss known to astronomers, but everything is alright.

    Comet Siding Spring shaved past a planet's surface at one third the distance of the Earth to the moon. But it wasn't Earth in the cross hairs -- it was our neighbor Ma...


Technology Headlines

Why this man created a Comic Sans typewriter

Comic sans font

It's one of the most mocked fonts on the Internet, the target of numerous campaigns and websites that believe its "comical" design has no place in civilized society.

Now, Comic Sans has gone analog with the "Sincerity Machine," a typewriter that types...


Crowdfunding your home renovation: Should you do it?

House, windows

Meghan Reidy really doesn't like her downstairs bathroom. She and her husband are hoping that family, friends and maybe even complete strangers can help fund the $500 renovation.


Teens face 'like' and 'FOMO' anxiety


Ask any teen whether he or she suffers from social media anxiety, and the answer will probably be no.

That's what happened when six teens and adolescents -- five from New York and one from Los Angeles -- got together recently for a unique weeklong wo...


What is the mysterious Magic Leap?

Magic Leap ad

It may have more than a half-billion dollars in the bank and the backing of tech titans like Google, as well as the investors with some of Silicon Valley's deepest pockets.

You've probably never heard of Magic Leap, a startup so secretive they're not ...


Duck-and-cover time for Mars spacecraft


A comet is speeding toward a close-encounter with Mars. Comet Siding Spring is expected to come within 87,000 miles of Mars at about 2:27 p.m. ET on Sunday -- very close for a comet flyby.


Les Moonves on reactions to CBS's streaming service

TV remote

To hear Les Moonves tell it, the biggest skeptic inside CBS Corp. about the company's Internet subscription service was Les Moonves.


Apple Pay is launching on Monday

Apple Pay

Starting Monday, you can pay for stuff with your iPhone 6.


Microsoft demos 'universal translator'

Microsoft logo

Skype users will soon be able to conduct voice and video calls supported by a near-real time translation technology.


Amazon bringing on more holiday hands this year

Amazon logo

Amazon is boosting the number of extra helpers it relies on to put gifts under the Christmas tree.

The company said Thursday it will hire 80,000 seasonal employees this year, up from 70,000 last year. Two years ago, it hired only 50,000.


Technology Video

Apple unveils new, thinner iPads

Tim Cook with iPad Air 2

Apple unveils thinner versions of its iPad tablet computer in an event at its headquarters.


Student drone flies over homecoming game

drone filmed high school football game

A high school computer club in North Carolina streams a homecoming football game with a drone.


Female video game developer gets death threats

Video game developer Brianna Wu

Gaming developer Brianna Wu has been outspoken against video games depicting women primarily as sexual objects. Recently, she received threats to kill her and castrate her husband -- threats that were specific enough that they prompted the couple to leave their home while police investigated.


Snapchat photos leaked by hackers

Snapchat photos stolen

Photos sent on Snapchat are supposed to disappear quickly after they're sent. But cybercriminals are leaking as many as 100,000 stolen videos and photos sent through Snapchat, which are believed to have been stolen through third-party apps that connect to Snapchat.


Tesla unveils new electric vehicle model

Tesla D unveiling

Tesla reveals the D: Two motors and all-wheel-drive.


Play video games, get rich

professional video gamers

It sounds like every kid's dream: getting paid big bucks to play video games.


New app helps you steer clear of sickness

Sickweather app

A new app lets people know when you're near sick people -- enabling the hypochondriac in all of us.


Texas hospitals using robots to clean rooms

Robots clean Texas hospitals

Hospitals in Texas are using robots to clean rooms in hopes of keeping Ebola from spreading.


UK's iconic red phone booths going green

Red phone booths going green

They're an iconic symbol of London, but these days that's about all they are. How the UK's red phone booths are going green to stay relevent.


New app ensures you're having consensual sex

Good2Go app

Nowadays, there's an app for just about everything -- including consensual sex. No, really. 


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