"Sweet" fundraiser to help working uninsured

BRISTOL, Tenn. -       A local organization that helps others is hoping to raise twenty thousand dollars by Friday.
      And you can help by buying a sweet treat. "Sweets for the Sweet" is an annual fundraiser that involves fifty volunteers who pack and deliver cupcakes for people on Valentine's Day.

     You can purchase a cupcake and have it delivered with a fifty dollar donation.
Healing Hands Health Center in Bristol Tennessee provides free medical care, medications, dental care, chiropractic care, eye exams, and counseling services for the working uninsured. The clinic asks patients to give back through donations or volunteering to help out.

     Helen Scott of Healing Hands says people aren't just surprising their sweethearts anymore. "It's turned into a much more heartfelt fundraiser where people are donating to their neighbor or to somebody in a nursing home or people who found out they have cancer."

     If you would like to send a surprise treat to someone call healing hands at 423-652-0620 click here for a link on how to help.

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