SWAT team training program takes place in Bristol, Va.

BRISTOL, Va. - The Bristol, Virginia Police Dept. and the Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy are conducting a police SWAT training program this week.

The program is taught by members of the Bristol, Virginia Police SWAT team and the students enrolled represent various law enforcement agencies throughout the region.

The program is four days long and is a total of 68 hours. The students learn how to breach doors and handle firearms.

Matt Quillen, patrol officer and course instructor, says the program is intended to train officers to handle intense situations. "At the end of the day, SWAT is a life-saving organization," said Quillen. "That's what were all about, and the training we receive, and the equipment that we use. Everything is for life-saving."

At the end of the course, the students receive a certificate of completion.

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