Suspect flees Walmart with flat-screen TV on motorized cart

Kingsport theft suspects

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Kingsport Police are looking for two people they say shoplifted from two different stores. Officers tell us the crimes happened at Walmart and Family Dollar.

They're two different cases, one of them unique, and both have the Kingsport Police Department looking to the community for help.

Officers tell us the first happened October 8 at Walmart on Fort Henry Drive when a woman shoplifted a 60-inch flat screen TV in a motorized scooter. "[She was] pulling it behind her motorized scooter in a shopping buggy right out the front door," says Kingsport Police Public Information Officer Tom Patton.

Patton says the woman had to have help loading the TV from a Walmart employee or an accomplice. "I guess she was probably taking advantage of the fact that she was older, riding a scooter and probably looked a little more innocent than the typical shoplifter to help her commit her crime," adds Patton.

Patton says they got a good description of the suspect from the surveillance footage. "She is a heavy-set female, she looks to be probably at least in her 50s, she has gray hair, and she's wearing glasses," says Patton. Click here to read more.

On the other side of town Kingsport Police are also looking for someone who broke out the glass door at Family Dollar. "A male suspect smashed in the front door with a rock. He hits it several times with a rock then reaches in and unlocks the door," adds Patton.

Patton says that break-in happened on October 12 around 4 a.m. He says the suspect took razors, shaving cream, and cologne. "We have a $400 glass door destroyed in order to steal less than $50 of merchandise," says Patton.

Patton tells us the suspect in the Family Dollar break-in was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, red athletic shorts, and black high-top sneakers. There is a photo of him in the Related Content to the left.

Now they are hoping someone in the community will recognize the suspects and give the police information so they can make an arrest.

If you have any information you're asked to contact the Kingsport Police Investigations Division at (423) 229-9429.

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