Sun’s rays to generate money for Hawkins County Schools

POSTED: 6:01 PM May 15 2013

Hawkins County schools are celebrating an innovative new way to generate their own stream of revenue.

The ribbon was cut at one of the county's 20 new solar panels that sit on school property.   

Officials told News 5 these panels will generate power to be sold to TVA.

In return, we're told the TVA will give the school system about $43,000 every year for the next 20 years.

"The budget is hard to balance in Hawkins County, and so we are seeking other ways to save the taxpayers of Hawkins County money. Projects we have started with [include] the lighting project, our solar project, and many other things that we are constantly looking for," said Charlotte Britton, Hawkins County Director of Schools.

We're told these solar panels didn't cost the county anything. Officials said they were funded by a private investor.