Summer cooking camp for kids

Summer cooking camp for kids

BRISTOL, Va. - For some people working in the kitchen can be a chore, but some children are working in the kitchen for fun as part of a cooking camp going on in downtown Bristol.

"We are making chocolate cakes. A quick five-minute recipe, chocolate cake in a cup," explains 11-year-old Zac Shaffer.

Chocolate cakes are part of the menu at the Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College in Bristol, Virginia, where some kids are spending part of their summer learning their way around a kitchen.

"We made pizza and muffins and sugar cookies from scratch," says 10-year-old Danyel Osborne.

"I want them to know that mac and cheese doesn't have to necessarily come out of a Kraft box. You can make it from scratch. We made our homemade taco seasoning today as opposed to buying a package of it. In the long run not only will it save them money, it will teach them things," says instructor Kim Martin.

The camp is not only teaching cooking skills, but table manners and how to create a proper place setting. "All of these are life skills they'll be able to use in the future," adds Martin.

The best part of the camp? The kids get to eat their creations. "It's been great. We've been cooking a bunch of new stuff. I've learned tons of new stuff," adds Shaffer.

We've learned there is another cooking camp coming up in July for teens 16 to 18.

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