Sullivan County residents concerned about horses

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Alleged animal abuse has residents in Sullivan County concerned.


Hope Jackson said, "How do you treat an animal like this; I mean my horse doesn't look like this. No horse should look like this."


Someone posted pictures of the horses on Facebook, and Jackson felt she had to step in.


The animals are in a field on Bristol Caverns Highway.


You can even see the ribs of one of the horses.


"One of the horses laid out in a field dead from starvation for a week and dogs ate it," Jackson said.


Many are worried about the remaining three horses, and concerned citizens say the horses need food and water. The field where the live is all mud -- no grass to eat. 


"All these horses need is love and care," said concerned Jennifer Woodard.


The owner of the horses said she is doing the best she can; that times are hard, and that she is getting it taken care of.


Others say it's too little too late.


"I would like to see somebody seize these animals and to get the one in really bad shape in a lot better condition," Jackson said.


Woodard said "There are plenty of horse farms around here, someone will take a horse."


Witnesses tell say it appears the property owner put out food recently.


Meantime, the horse's owner has been in contact with animal control and a veterinarian is expected to look at the horses on Friday.

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