Sullivan County hosts voter seminar days before early voting begins

BRISTOL, Tenn. - In just a few days, early voters will start casting their ballots in the county primaries.

On Wednesday, citizens got a chance to learn the ends and outs of going into voting booth at the Slater Center in Bristol, Tennessee.

Organizers held the seminar in hopes of increasing voter turnout. "First of all, they need to know where they live in relation to the voting precinct they're assigned to and know where the go to cast a ballot. Also, they need to update their information with our office. Anytime they move or have a name change or any other change in their registration status and not wait until Election Day to do that it just slows down the process," said Jason Booher, Sullivan County Election Commissioner.

Early voting for Tennessee primaries starts on April 16. Election Day is May 6.

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