"Stuff the Bus" gives supplies to kids in need

BRISTOL, Va. - Even though school has started around much of our region, school supplies are still needed.

Nationwide and right here in our area on Saturday, people participated in "Stuff the Bus", where the goal was to fill a school bus with supplies.

"I think that it's really important to try and give these kids today as much advantage as we can give them. If this helps them out it's a little bit more for them," says a man who only wanted to be known as Paul.

Paul donated several bags of school supplies filled with pencils, hand sanitizer, glue, and other classroom necessities. He tells us all of his kids are grown now, but he remembers what it was like having to buy all the supplies. "I know that parents today that have young kids, both of them are working and they're trying to make it. If I can help a little bit so that they don't have to put out a little extra money, it's an 'A plus'," added Paul.

The supplies donated Saturday are for kids going into Pre-K. "A lot of the school supply drives people focus on K-12 and they miss the Pre-K students," says Danielle Starnes, director of Smart Beginnings.

Pencils, glue sticks, and scissors are just a few of the items on the list because they're the things the kids use the most. "We try to pick the things that don't cost as much on the shelves but are also needed more often in the classroom," added Starnes.

Paul tells us everyone wins from donating to kids. "It's going to help the kids out, it's going to help the teachers out, it's going to help the parents out. Everyone gets a little something out of it, and for me it's the satisfaction of being able to know I tried to help somebody that needed it," said Paul.

People also gave money at the "Stuff the Bus" event; that money will go to buy any more school supplies that are needed.

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