Students deliver Thanksgiving food boxes

Student food donation

BRISTOL., Tenn. - Monday is loading day at Tennessee High School in Bristol.

"This is our biggest community service project," says Student Council member Hannah Breal.

Each box is filled with everything a family needs for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

The boxes are heavy for the students to lift, but volunteers say it's nothing compared to the heavy burdens the families receiving the boxes face every day. "I've never had to look for food," says Breal. "But people in my community are in poverty, it's my job to do it."

The food is collected through classroom projects and student organizations. This year Tennessee High School students are feeding 63 families of their fellow students.

When it comes time to deliver, the drivers are given a packet with the box numbers, a map, and an address. They are not told whose house they are going to, however.

The families are selected through the school's guidance counselors.

Administrators go to great lengths to keep their identities hidden. "We want the families to receive a blessing; we want the students to receive a blessing; it does not matter who it is," says student council sponsor Kim Bright.

The students say they start working on this project over a month in advance.

This is the 43rd year this program has delivered food to families.

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