Students capturing the Rhythm

Students capturing the Rhythm

Bristol, Tenn. - The sounds of the 13th annual Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Festival have faded but the memories and the images will last a lifetime.

A lot of the images that were captured were taken by college students from Virginia Intermont and King University.

At King University, photography students look over just some of the images they captured during the 13th annual Bristol Rhythm & Roots Festival.

Believe it or not, a lot of them were taken on phones and sent out immediately on social media sites. "We had a big team of us specifically covering social media. So what we would do is walk around, take pictures of the bands, but also take pictures of the people that were there and post them instantly to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook," King junior Anna Walker said.

Others were helping with videotaping in the Pointer Jeans factory with the video company Live and Breathing. "I got to work hands-on with a bunch of video equipment and got the knowledge with me so I know what I could do. It was cool because I got to be out in the real world and see if is this really what I want to do," Quenton Lyons, a sophomore, says, and the answer is yes.

Still others were taking portraits of the bands downstairs. "It was a solid experience. I got to shoot with a bunch of bands. I shot all day Saturday from 9 in the morning to midnight and got to meet a lot of bands and take a lot of pictures," Senior Trevor Wentt said.

In three days time, the students got a lifetime of experience plus a step up in a new digital world. "Speed is so key, and just getting it out there and trying to attract as many people or getting the people that are there to where something fun and memorable is happening, that's key. It will maybe be the future and they've got their hands in it already," their insturctor Joe Strickland explained.

And it's an experience they won't soon forget.

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