Storm Cleanup Begins In Frog Level

Lee County, Va. - In far Southwest Virginia, victims are beginning to pick up the pieces following Friday night's tornado.

The EF-1 twister ripped through Frog Level, near the town of Ewing, in Lee County. The National Weather Service says the tornado had maximum winds at 110 miles per hour and cut a path 200 yards wide for nearly five miles.

We discovered a small army of volunteers helping in any way they can with cleanup and recovery.

Lunch time at the Church of the Brethren in the Frog Level section of Lee County and volunteers have put in a morning of work helping those affected by Friday night's tornado that destroyed homes and shook residents.

Sheila Ramsey's home was completely destroyed Friday night. On Wednesday, she had a surprise visit as she and her son began the clean up. "I just went out to take my car to get the glass put in the windshield, and then my daughter took me on over the bank. [I] come back and I've got a party going on," Sheila said.

A party of volunteers came to help with the job. "We have a men's prayer breakfast on Saturday morning. There's Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, Brethren, everybody comes to it and the storm hit Friday night. That Saturday morning the boys said we need to get out there and do something," said Ewing Methodist minister Norman Clark.

And what they're doing is the answer to Shelia Ramsey's prayers. "The community is pulling together to help everybody because everybody was effected by this. Everybody has pitched in to help each other and that's what you call love," Ramsey said.

Just across the ridge, Natasha Douglas and her family huddled in a hallway just minutes before the storm reached their home. She was out taking pictures of the storm. "I heard this noise and I looked up, I almost wasn't sure I seen what I thought I seen but it looked like a white funnel cloud coming toward the house," Natasha said.

Before she got to safety, she snapped one last picture. "Soon as we sat down in the hallway and got the pillows over us the lights went out and you could hear it. It sounded like a bomb hit the side of the house," she said.

Fortunately despite all of the damage and strength of the storm no one was injured. The storm destroyed one home, damaged another, and took out barns and fences.

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