Stone Castle remodel project begins

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A local landmark in Bristol, Tennessee is finally getting a new look after being in the planning stage for years.

Thanks to the 'Fortify The Castle Project', Tennessee High's Stone Castle football field has been able to start Phase I of its remodel project. Parts being given a new look include the home seating and bleachers, and a new playing field with freshly-laid sod and dirt.

Athlectic director Paul Pendleton says the new field won't just be for football. "There are many activities that we're going to have in here. You've got football, you've got soccer, you've got band, so it can be used for other activities as well. The surface is designed for multiple activities," he said.

Also part of Phase I is an update to the bathrooms at the field and handicapped parking spaces.

The field is expected to be ready to use within a week's time.

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