Sterling ban stirs up whirlwind of reaction from King Tornado basketball players and coaches

Bristol, TN. - The Sterling, Silver decision. It stirred up a whirlwind of reaction from these King University Tornado basketball players. They tell me the decision by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to ban L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the league for life for racist comments Sterling made was the right move.

"You know 50, 60 years ago if this would've happened I don't know if they would've made a decision this quickly," King senior Scotty Hendricks said. "I liked how it came quickly and you know it hit hard."

"Personally I was happy to hear that something major was done," King women's  coach Josh Thompson said. "A statement was made."

While the 2.5 million dollar fine that accompanies the ban may only mildly hurt Sterling's deep pockets, these players tell me his words hurt far worse.

"It's a mixed emotion," King senior Michael Fortune said. "It's sad to know that there's people out there who still live the way that you know he's living. It's a true travesty to the NBA."

No question about it, these players and coaches say there is no place for this kind of racist thinking. Not only in the NBA but in society in general.

"You know there's no place for that in anything in our society at all," Head Coach George Pitts said. "You don't want to hear that stuff."

"I think this is putting it on a national stage for people to see that the world is coming to a new beginnings and they're not tolerating that," said King sophomore Calvin Walker.

What could be a big step in the long run against racism. A decision made by a pro sports commissioner that Coach Pitts says he hopes his players learn from.

"I would hope that my players can look at this and think he did the right thing," Pitts said. "I'm glad he did the right thing now let's just move on."

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