Steps To Recovery: Woman Gets State-Of-The-Art Prosthetic Leg

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A young woman from Johnson City who lost a leg in a boating accident is taking new steps to recovery.

?It?s been exciting, exhausting, mentally and physically, getting used to this and realizing this is my life from now,? said Miranda Johnson. Johnson got a new state-of-the-art Otto Bock Helix3D hip and leg system on Wednesday.

The advanced hip prosthetic has a microprocessor knee which gives her extra stability, more range of motion, adjusts the foot for the terrain she walks on and gives her a more normal life. "I had a prosthetic that enabled me to walk, but this right here is like having my leg back,? she said.

Johnson lost her leg after being thrown from a boat when it hit a wake on Boone Lake last August. "I want to get back to my life. I had everything that I wanted before and I want that all back. I just had a minor setback,? said Johnson.

She didn?t have medical insurance and was placed on Tenncare while in the hospital, but Tenncare denied her request twice for the leg. So Johnson, her mom and the team at Victory Orthotic and Prosthetic stepped up. "People use these each and every day all day long. Without them, they don't have the life we take for granted,? said Zach Smith. Smith and Calvin Holye from Victory are the only two Helix3D trained practitioners in the state of Tennessee.

Johnson plans on going back to school in August to finish her last semester of college to become a registered nurse. "I don't think anything is going to slow me down. I really don't,? she said. ?At first, I thought that, but I don't believe it anymore. I can do it.?

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