Staying safe this Halloween

Use flashlights, reflectors and glow-stick hats for safety

BRISTOL, Va. - Before you head out to any Halloween festivities, you'll want to double check your costumes to make sure they're scary, of course, and safe too.

We spoke to the Bristol Virginia Police Department on Wednesday, who gave us tips to keep trick-or-treaters safe.

They say to check the length of your costume to avoid tripping and if you're wearing something dark, put reflectors on the back.

"If traffic is coming at you, it's always good," said officer Patrick Manning. "You've got your eyes in front of you so you can see oncoming obstructions, dangers in front of you. You can't necessarily see in back of you."

Manning told us carrying a flashlight, or even wearing a glow-stick hat, are other good ways to let drivers you're there.

You should also always have a plan before you head out with a set starting point and end point, Manning told us.

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