Stay Safe In Early Mowing Season

Plenty of rain and warm weather early this spring have most of us already out doing lawn care and using what can be some of the most dangerous tools around any household.

Power tools, including everything from chainsaws to weed eaters and lawn mowers, are something we all have and use on a regular basis during the summer months. There is seldom a summer season that goes by without several local people making trips to the emergency room due to injuries.

But local mowing shop owners, like Dee Hamton of Boones Creek Outdoor Power, say many of those can be avoided with one thing.

"Just [practice] common sense," Hamton said. "We see it every day. [A] dad comes in here and tells us about this weekend where he was mowing with his son on his lap and I just cringe [when] I hear that. You know that's not common sense. With these mowers, anything bad can happen quick and you've got to have your mind on how to get out of that situation."

Doctors with local emergency rooms say rollover accidents are among the most common involving lawn mowers in our area.

Local ER doctors say they also see a lot of cuts from people reaching under moving decks to clear debris.

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