Speedway in Lights coming to a close

If you've not had a chance to see Speedway in Lights this year, Saturday is the last night.
The display has been up since November and attracts thousands every year.

"16 years, we're kind of right at record for maybe our fifth biggest year. Not quite as big as last year, so we encourage people to still come out."
Claudia Byrd with Speedway Children's Charities says even though it's not their biggest year, they did have their busiest night back in December.
"One of the successes of us having the biggest night ever was that we were able to get people through quicker. Plus it's been a much safer event due to the change of the entrance."

Byrd says weather is normally a factor in keeping people away, "if they had bad weather, they tend not to come out on weekends."
But, you still have a chance to see the display, "if you didn't have time to come out during the holidays, if your life was busy and crazy, it's a great thing to do with your family."

All of the money goes towards Speedway Children's Charities, "the whole purpose of doing this is to raise money for kids in the area, so we want people to come out and enjoy themselves, have a great time, but remember, they're helping raise money for kids," says Byrd.

Tickets are $15 for cars, $20 for vans, and $85 for buses.
The hours are 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday they will be having a fireworks display at 10:00.
Don't forget, Chill Hill and Johnson Controls Ice Rink is still open until the 13th.

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