Speed limit lowered on Highway 394

BRISTOL, Tenn. - In an effort to reduce crashes, the speed limit has been dropped on a busy Bristol, Tennessee street.

Portions of Highway 394 now have posted speed limits of 45 miles per hour. City officials decided to make the change after a crash analysis.

The change impacts the stretch of 394 from Food Country USA to Food City. "We felt like, especially as the area has started to develop, the increased incidents of not only lane departure accidents but also the severity of those accidents led us to believe the safest decision for that section of highway was to lower the speed limit from 55 to 45," explains interim City Manager Bill Sorah.

Here are some facts from the crash analysis done by the city: Over a stretch of five years there were 20 lane departure crashes. This is not the total number of crashes, just ones considered lane departures.

Of those crashes, three resulted in fatalities and six injuries.

We're told the majority of cars traveled between 55 and 60 miles per hour.

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