Some Bristol, Va. students to attend new school

Some Bristol, Va. students to attend new school

BRISTOL, Va. - Some students in the Bristol, Virginia School System will be going to new schools next year as part of the district's rezoning plan that was announced Monday.

Too many students, overcrowded classrooms, and small schools are all reasons why the Bristol, Virginia School System has finally came to a decision to rezone districts for four elementary schools. "We've been over capacity for the last couple of years so it's a step in the right direction for our school," says Monique Eubanks.

Eubanks is the president of the Parent-Teacher Association at Washington & Lee Elementary School, one of the schools that will be affected by rezoning. She tells us there are negatives and positives to the change. "They're thrown back into middle school and they'll all be together, so I think all in all it's unfortunate for some of the bigger kids to have to move away," she said. "But I think it's a positive for them to have a smaller classroom, not be crammed into spaces. It'll all work out."

Bristol, Virginia Schools Superintendent Mark Lineburg tells us some students at Washington & Lee and Highland View Elementary Schools will be moving to Van Pelt and Stonewall Jackson Elementary Schools. "Some of those students will be moved to different buildings. It will affect, we think, about a little under 20 percent of our students," he said.

We're told moving the students to a different school should help with the overcrowding issues.

Lineburg says they are working to figure out which students and families will be affected by the changes. "We're working on the list now to identify which kids specifically are. They will get a phone call from us and we'll follow it up with a letter," he said.

Both Lineburg and Eubanks hope this will solve the overcrowding issues and give students a better learning environment.

Lineburg hopes this could be a long-term fix to full classrooms.

He says the school system also voted to eventually get down to only two elementary schools, which would mean building a new school and closing all others except for Van Pelt.

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