Solar Power

Bristol, Tenn. - You can certainly feel the power of the sun on one of recent sunny days. It's not only the heat but those rays can be used to make power.That's the cornerstone of the solar energy business.

There's a new alternative energy business - that includes solar and wind power - in Bristol, Tennessee.

It was a symbolic green ribbon that was cut to signal the opening of Ecological Energy Systems in Bristol Tennessee.

The new business focuses on solar and wind power and have actually been doing business for over two years now. This is their first store front, but their work is visible around the region, from commercial applications, to residential, and then there's a solar farm.

819 solar panels placed atop Bristol's old demolition landfill that's no longer in use.

"Throughout the day we're going to produce probably around 3000 kilowatt hours out there probably more it is such a sunny day. annually we'll be producing around 300,000 kilowatt hours," Says Nick Safay marketing director.

With incentives from the Tennessee Valley Authority, it's a private public project with the city and the first of its kind in the tri cities.

"They opened up the idea of investors or developers of solar projects to be able to get a premium for the energy being produced there," According to deputy city manager Mike Sparks.

That's above the going price tva pays for electricity and it's on a piece of property that could not be used following the closing the landfill.

"Certainly this is the win for the city. They do get revenue from an unused landfill and we of course create a viable business which creates jobs in the future so we do think its a win win," CEO Marti Mornings said.

And there's another winner mother earth.

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