Snowy roads slow down drivers

Snowy roads slow down drivers

BRISTOL, Va. - Snow stuck to the roads Tuesday making for some tricky driving conditions.

The steady snowfall kept road crews and towing companies busy.

In fact, it's been a very active couple of days for the Sullivan County Highway Department; crews have been out trying to keep the roads clean.

"Our main focus first and foremost the main drags and each driver and each section has a route and he tries to run that route," said Sullivan County Interim Highway Commissioner Bobbie Manning.

Crews say they used salt to melt the snow because it's light and powdery, which is when salt works better than plowing.

"If the temperature gets real, real low, the salt will not work," said Manning. "This is a powdery snow like what happened to us Saturday so it has a tendency to pack, you can't push it like you can a moist snow."

While many were advised to stay off the roads, some couldn't take a ''snow day." Instead they proceeded with caution.

"Yes, I went very slow, made sure I had plenty of distance between me and the car in front of me and just took my time," said Bristol resident Danny Griffin.

Others ended up calling in for back up as their trip out in the snow didn't go as planned.

"Madhouse, we have been busy," said tow truck operator Michael Green.

Green towed more than a half dozen cars on Tuesday.

"In houses, out of ditches, you name it we have done it today," said Green.

While business is adding up for people like Green during this active winter season, it seems the patience of many others is wearing thin.

"Over it," said Danny Griffin. "I'm over it, under it, on top of it. I'm ready to put it behind me and move onto something else."

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