Small business leaving State Street after three decades in downtown Bristol

BRISTOL, Va. - A business that sells teaching materials is making a move from downtown Bristol to make room for the planned Sessions Hotel.
Kentucky School Service on State Street sold its building and will be opening up shop in the Bristol Mall.

KSS offers instructional supplies for teachers, parents and church groups.

KSS has been in business in the downtown area for 33 years.

The owner, Russell Strange, said he has mixed feelings about leaving State Street but he believes the hotel will be good for the city.

"It's going to bring people to downtown from other places," said Strange. "It's not going to be just the locals down here.  So, it should spur more business down here on State Street."

KSS will be holding a big sale starting next week.

The plan is to close the downtown store the first week of June then re-open in the Bristol Mall on June 30th.

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