Sinkhole near home blamed on heavy rain

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A sinkhole formed just a few feet from a Bristol, Tennessee home and all this rain we've had lately could be to blame.

David and Angela Gray are in the process of renting out their home on the corner of Melrose Street and Southside Avenue in Bristol, Tennessee.

But on July 4, David noticed a problem just in front of the home: a sinkhole formed. "It was a good ten feet," he says.

Gray says he first noticed the sinkhole when part of his fence post was missing and all of his garden was gone. "As I came up from the side street, my wife's flower bed was gone, and a large hole [had formed]," he said.

We're told this isn't the first time this has happened -- one also formed about five years ago. "A water main broke in the middle of the street and ran for a good half a day or so. It created a lot of caverns underneath my property. One of them went into my house and flooded my basement," David said.

But Gray thinks this time heavy rains over the past few weeks were the factor.

"That definitely added to it," he said, adding that he's just glad they got it patched up and nobody was hurt. "There are a lot of kids that skateboard down the street here and I thought well someone could end up in it accidentally."

We're told the city of Bristol, Tennessee fixed the sinkhole; Gray says they will replace the flower bed.

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