Shoppers brave cold for Downtown Open House

Shoppers brave cold for Downtown Open House

BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. - The Christmas season is in full swing in Downtown Bristol.

Stores are hoping for plenty of business during the annual downtown open house. An event where stores are open late and some are offering deals for customers. "[We're] definitely hoping for a big crowd. We hope we are very welcomed from the community tonight and we hope we see the outpour of love for us," says Sarah Redman at Phyl's on State Street.

Phyl's is new to downtown is hoping for a successful evening. Customers there are getting with 20 percent off everything to help people with their holiday gift list.

"We are hoping for a very large crowd to welcome us to the downtown area, we are very excited to be downtown. It has been just a great experience to move down here," adds Redman.

Someone who isn't new to the night is Karen Hester. She owns Cranberry Lane and says the night is the biggest for her business, "It's our single busiest sales day of the entire year. It beats even black Friday."

Hester says she plans all year long for this event and says her normal staff of four jumps to 15 for the open house. "We actually have customers that take vacation days to come down and enjoy the festivities tonight," adds Hester.

It's an annual event to kick off the Christmas season and help boost some bottom lines.

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