Sheriff: Five houses shot in 'drunken stupor'

Search continues for drive-by shooting suspect

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - A Carter County man is on the runand considered armed and dangerous after reportedly shooting five houses Monday night.

Tommy Brummitt, along with his cousin, Michael Brummitt, are charged with wounding two people inside the homes.

Sheriff's deputies rushed to the Sciota Road and Dry Creek Road area Monday after getting calls about shots being fired.

We're told five different homes in a half-mile radius were shot. One was on Sciota Road, where the woman inside was hit while sitting on her chair in the living room.

She's since been released from the hospital.

The other four houses hit were on Dry Creek Road. Sheriff Chris Mathes says at the time of the shooting in one of the homes there were two young children inside.

The other person injured received superficial wounds.

Deputies spotted a truck nearby on Brummitt Road fitting the description of the shooters. Sheriff Mathes says Michael Brummitt was driving and Tommy was his passenger, but as soon as they saw officers they took off running.

Deputies caught Michael nearby. Tommy is still on the loose.

At the sheriff's office Tuesday afternoon, deputies searched the alleged truck involved and found three guns, including a shotgun and rifle, along with beer and other items.

As for the motive, the sheriff says it started with the cousins targeting an ex-girlfriend. From there, he says, they just kept shooting. "I think [they were] in a drunken stupor, so to speak, just firing off rounds with no regard for what a rifle round, pistol round or shotgun round can do," Mathes told us.

The sheriff believes Tommy Brummitt could still be in the area. While deputies continue to search for him, they ask anyone who knows anything about where he could be to contact them at (423) 543-2211.

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