Shelters offering a warm place to stay

When temperatures are below freezing, being outside is not the ideal location. For the homeless, the Salvation Army in Bristol, Tennessee is prepared to take them in.
"With the temperature dropping, we will have a lot more people in the Salvation Army Shelter. We might not have beds available for them, but we will have cots and stuff to put down on the floor," says Dorothy Hurt.
Administrative Assistant and Shelter Intake Officer Dorothy Hurt tells News 5 they were busy Thursday night, and they let anyone in who needed a place warm to stay.
"We had some that had to check into our lobby because they had been drinking and we don't allow people to come in here and drink. But, it's cold outside so we let them stay in our lobby downstairs and we give them blankets and cots to sleep on down there," says Hurt.

Officers in Bristol, Virginia keep an eye on the homeless who aren't staying in a shelter, and offer them rides there if they need one.
"Or if they need any kind of medical attention, then we can get the Bristol Lifesaving Crew to take them out to the hospital to get whatever medical attention they need," says officer Dennis Marion.

Officer Marion says, however, when temperatures get that low, he doesn't really see many people out.
"Last week when it got so cold, there wasn't anybody out doing a lot of anything."

He says, a lot of people either find a place to get warm downtown, or go to the shelters. Which is why Hurt says, they are ready for the crowd.
"We will make room for everybody to have a place to stay to keep them out of the cold weather."

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