Seven-year-old boy in need of kidney

ABINGDON, Va. - It's not your typical birthday party, but a little boy from our area celebrated his seventh birthday Valentine's Day while hosting a blood drive at the Coomes Center in Abingdon.

Marshall Jones of Abingdon and his family are trying to raise awareness about Marshall's need for a living kidney donor.

He has had kidney issues since birth and had his first transplant at age two but, because of some medication he was given, his body rejected the organ when he was four.

Marshall is now on dialysis and is facing end-stage renal disease.
He has had numerous surgeries and has spent weeks at a time at UVA Children's Hospital in Charlottesville.

Marshall has been in and out of hospitals and is currently on dialysis.

His family told us the blood drive Friday was a huge success, bringing in more than 50 pints of blood.

They are now in search of a living kidney donor with Type-O blood.

If you would like to become a donor, please call Jonna Olson with the University of Virginia Health System at (615) 875-7676 or the Vanderbilt Kidney Transplant Program at (866) 748-1491 and select option 2.


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