Second Marijuana Growing Operation Discovered In Two Days

UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. - There has never been any debate about it -- we live in the perfect climate conditions for marijuana to grow at its finest and to reach full growth quickly. Law enforcement officials are already responding to some very serious growing operations and the season has already begun with two busts.

There have been two growing busts in two different counties in the last two days. The largest was nearly 1,800 plants found in Scott County. "These plants, had they fully matured, were worth about $3,000 each,? Sheriff John Puckett said. ?And that would be over $5,000,000. That's a lot of money."

Three suspects are being sought in the Scott County case. They will face manufacturing charges, but those charges are pending at this point.

In Unicoi County the Tennessee Highway Patrol alerted local authorities that their drug helicopter found a patch of marijuana growing at the home of 67-year-old Luther and 64-year-old Ava Crumb. 44 marijuana plants were confiscated, along with several firearms, in that raid.

Puckett has a theory about wh so much marijuana is being found. "The artificial drugs we have like bath salts and K-2, they have passed laws and made it harder and stricter to get it,? he said. ?I guess some of them are reverting back to marijuana."

But make no mistake; the switch back to naturally-growing illegal drugs is not having any effect on the resolve of local law enforcement. "I've been in this business a long time,? Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley said. ?Marijuana is a stepping stone for other drugs, and I am against it 100 percent."

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