School Adds iPads To Classroom Learning

BRISTOL, Va. - From chalk boards to smart boards now to iPads, classrooms are changing and Sullins Academy in Bristol, Virginia is keeping up with the times.

Ramona Harr, the head of school says, "We were at a point when our computers were needing to be changed, upgraded and so we sat down and had a discussion."

The school decided to get iPads for their middle school students. Now, each of the 70 students has their own iPad to use in class.

Seventh grade student Maggie Melton says, "Oh, every class I use it."

Daniel Chang is also a 7th grade student. He says, "People thought when we first got the iPads they'd be fun and games and just amazing video games, but they're usually just a learning tool."

Some teachers are using the iPads in foreign language class. Others are reading essays from their iPads, and math students are taking a quiz., all from the screen of their tablet.

They've even found ways to add the iPad into a science lab. For example, when you have to dissect a frog in 7th grade, instead of cutting open a real frog, you can do it on an iPad application.

The school says they're the first in the region to integrate iPads in the classroom and teachers and students say they're helping each other to get the most out of this technology.

Melton says, "You can type up essays you can look up info for papers. You may have to write, you can do a Power Point, or Keynote, I guess it's called.

Harr adds, "At this point technology is not a separate computer class, but it's something that's going on everyday. We don't do computer instruction, but we incorporate it in what we are doing."

For now, only 6th 7th and 8th graders have this tiny piece of technology and students admit, with the exciting advancement comes responsibility.

"They are fragile, but I think everyone's been really careful with them because we're so grateful to have them," adds Melton.

Sullins Academy says this technology has helped them meet the kids where they live.

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