Scam targeting Eastman Credit Union customers

Bristol, Tenn. - Over the past two days the Bristol, Tennessee Police Department has received several calls from citizens stating they have received text messages on their cell phones purporting to be from Eastman Credit Union and asking them to verify account information.

In a press release, police stress if you receive one of these messages, do not reply.  The say this is a criminal attempt to get your account information. 

Police say no legitimate financial institution is going to ask for your account information, much less ask for it via a text message.  They will already have your account information, and will only need you to verify it.  They say even then, do not give out the information via phone unless you initiated the call.  If the bank calls you, ask for a call back number, verify it with your local branch, and then call them back if you still need to.

Police say these simple steps will help protect your financial security and prevent you from becoming the victim of fraud.


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