Roe and Griffith want long term solution to debt problem

BRISTOL, Va. - Local representatives, Morgan Griffith of Virginia and Phil Roe of Tennessee want a long term solution to the debt problem.

News Five talked by phone with the representatives and they share the public's frustration with Washington.

Both wish Congress could agree on a long term solution.

"I'm happy to do whatever I can to work on things that are reasonable" said Griffith "But we do have to work on the long term needs of the country which is to get our debt and our spending problem under control."

Roe would like to prevent the problem from happening again. "Obviously we need to get the government shutdown over with and the debt ceiling raised so the country can go ahead." said Roe "But our long term focus is on balancing the federal budget. I didn't get sent up here to continue to run these huge deficits." 

News that a bipartisan deal had been reached spurred a rally on Wall Street. The Dow was up over 200 points.




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