Robber Says He Regrets His Actions

Polite and matter of fact, that's how robbery victims are describing the man police say was behind the crimes.

Arrested and now behind bars, Christopher Vaughan is being charged in both Bristol, Virginia and Tennessee for four different robberies.

He's calling it an embarrassing, but well deserved reality, wearing a jail uniform. Vaughan admitted to police, he's the man behind the recent Bristol robberies. "I didn't know what to do, so I did the dumbest thing I could do," said Vaughan.

Sunday just before midnight, Vaughan hit the Scotchman. A little over 20 minutes later he stopped at the Shell/Roadrunner. On Monday, New People's Bank and Belmont Package Store were robbed too. Vaughan said after the first one, it got a little easier, "I was nervous. I was nervous in all of them. But the gun was never loaded. Was never going to hurt anybody. I even told them that."

Vaughan said it's a bad decision he made quickly since he was struggling to pay his family's bills. News 5 WCYB's Laura Halm asked how much he was hoping to get, "I had figured up to get enough for the next few months until we went back to school again," he said.

Both Vaughan and his wife were going to school, he was going for radiology. With a six year old son, he felt like there were little options. "I'm very sorry. I'm very sorry if I scared them or hurt them or made them feel that they any day now their job may be unsafe," he added.

Vaughan's arrest stems from a joint investigation by the Bristol Tennessee and Virginia Police Departments, along with the FBI.

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