Rhythm & Roots lineup announced

Music committee tells us what goes into choosing the acts

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The lineup for Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion was announced Thrusday and big names were on the list.

Artists like Lucinda Williams and Iris DeMent were only two of more than 140 bands expected to attend.

When thinking about the BRRR you may not realize what goes into choosing the bands that hit the stage. "Folks on the music committee are out there researching, listening to music and going to concerts, going to festivals to see who's hot out there so we can bring them here," said Leah Ross, Executive Director for BRRR.

Co-chair for the music committee Brent Treash told News 5 they start talking about bands for the next year before the current festival ends. "We kick into high gear just after the festival about mid-October. We start talking about bands that were really great that year, bands we want to bring back, and new bands we want to bring in," said Treash.

Even if they aren't well known. "Just four or five years ago we had a band called the Avett Brothers and nobody knew who that band was. Now they're one of the biggest bands in Americana music," said Treash.

Treash says the new bands are what bring many people to the festival. "That's just kind of always been our bread and butter. We're really known for bringing in bands that aren't all that popular right now, but that are going to be the next big thing," he said.

He says this year isn't any different and there are more artists many will want to check out. "Deertick, Blitzen Trapper, these are young bands that are just really catching a lot of steam right now. People really should go out and see them because in a few years you'll be able to tell people that you saw them in person," said Treash.   

Ross says the festival is getting the attention of people around the world. "We've just become proud of what we have and we love talking about it wherever we travel and you go see music and they say, ‘you've got to go to Bristol,'" said Ross.

Ross tells us they do everything they can to keep people coming back to their roots, Rhythm & Roots that is. "I think we keep it alive by always having fresh music, something for everyone," she said.

If you would like to learn about changed to the fesitval or check out the complete lineup, click here.

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