Rhythm and Roots goes green

BRISTOL, Va. - "I just think about the future generations and how we can reuse these things and not just put them in a dirt pile and mess the ground up," said Dave Corbitt.

Bristol Rhythm and Roots is working to change the way they deal with garbage and they have made a green pack to hold them to it.

"The green pack is responsible for all of the recycling at the event. We're trying to make Rhythm and Roots a more green event like a lot of festivals today are," said Sarah Gillespie.

To do so they have gathered volunteers.

"We're just going around, trying to encourage people to recycle," said Volunteer Meaghan White

However, that is not all; we learned that they also collect cardboard from vendors, check recycling bins frequently and collect aluminum from the beer vendors.

"When we've seen things in the trash can, especially card board boxes that will be stacked up in there, our volunteers have been pulling those out to make sure those get recycled as well," said Gillespie.

White says she's it is not an easy job. "In fact, this morning, we've been digging out of the trash cans,"

This crew will not stop until all of the recyclables are in the right place.

"I think it's very important that we recycle at this event because we have a lot of people in a very small area and that produces a lot of waste, especially when you count in all of the card board boxes and food waste," said Gillespie.

Gillespie tells me they have big plans to keep this program around for years to come. "We hope this will be around and before we know it, it'll be a 100 percent green festival."

Gillespie tells me one of the biggest keys in making the festival a green festival is the people attending.

Organizers are hoping to get more festival goers to toss recyclables into recycle containers instead of the trash, that way volunteers will spend less time digging through the garbage.

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