Rhythm and Roots getting ready for 12th annual event

Downtown Bristol is getting ready for thousands of music fans for the 12th annual rhythm and roots reunion kicks off on State Street.

In just a few days music will fill the streets of downtown Bristol.

The annual Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion festival kicks off Friday, September 14th.

Organizers are hoping for the best event in the 12 year run.

"We always wonder are we going to do as well as we did the year before and I think when you look at who is all going to be here, it's going to be great. There's something here for everyone," says Executive Director Leah Ross.

This year's lineup includes more than 160 artists playing more than 200 sets in three days.

Downtown merchants tell us they're getting ready for big crowds and more business.

"I wish we could have this a couple times a year." says David Jun, an owner/manager at Machiavelli's.

Jun says the restaurant could do three times the amount of business during Rhythm and Roots compared to a typical weekend.

"It's a great time for the whole community. Good for downtown merchants because it brings a lot of extra business," adds Jun.

The Rhythm and Roots organizers hope for a lot of sales too. They tell us ticket sales are already ahead of last year.

Leah Ross says there's also a new buzz this year from the Mumford and Sons tour.
Ross says it provided a new platform to get the word out about the Rhythm and Roots festival, "They did so well and that's what we want to happen during the festival and definitely, we're still high from that."

Three day passes for Rhythm and Roots are on sale now for $50.

At the gate they are $60.

There's also a new app this year. If you have a smart phone you can download the app and keep track of this year's festival.

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