Retailers prepare for Black Friday

BRISTOL, Va. - Shoppers have plenty of elbow room right now at the Highlands Shopping Plaza in Bristol, Virginia, but come Thanksgiving night that will all change.

That's something Eva Duncan says she is going try to avoid. "It's a little early for me, and I don't like the crowds too much either," she said.

But Best Buy in Bristol, Virginia is gearing up for the hundreds of people who will be out on the busiest shopping day of the year. Workers were busy stocking shelves Wednesday evening and new price tags are ready to be posted. "We've got items that are beyond 50 percent off, which is huge especially in a tough time like this," says store supervisor Natasha Goins.

Goins says they've hired additional workers and they've put in a lot of time making sure everything runs smoothly. "We receive more trucks this time of year, we usually get about 2 a week rather than one and they triple in size," she says.

The checkout line will be formed on the outside of the store to make the customers' shopping experience as easy as possible as well. "The formation of the line, we've got barricades and stuff like that so its easy and to help customers that are already in line for long periods of time to not get frustrated," Goins continues.

News 5 learned Best Buy isn't opening until midnight, but other stores will be opening as early as 8 p.m., which is causing mixed feelings for customers. "I find it completely absurd because Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and relax and be with your family," says shopper Angela Lee.

Eva Duncan disagrees with that, however. "If you have dinner early and you've got everything over with, sometimes you might want to get out and go shopping," she explained.

Goins says, "We feel like it's a disadvantage because people like Target and Walmart are opening a little bit earlier, but I think we'll still have such a great experience and a great turnout it wont really matter."

Some customers say it's still not enough to get them out on Black Friday. "I don't think the deals are really worth the aggravation of it and I just like to relax on Black Friday," said one person we spoke with.

We've learned that some stores in the Tri-Cities will actually open up Thanksgiving day and will be offering Thanksgiving Day deals.

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