Residents recover stolen property after string thefts and auto burglaries

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Over the past three weeks, many people who live in the Bristol area reported items from their yards, garages, and work trucks were missing.

Police tell News 5 the value of all of the property is more than $50,000.

"I'm feeling pretty good," said Mark Wilson. It was a sobering day for Wilson as he and his wife spent a couple of hours looking through the sea of yard equipment and power tools at the Bristol Police Department in hopes of finding the items that were stolen from his work truck November 3 in the Redstone area of Bristol.

But this time can't be compared to the time spent searching for them over the past three weeks. "The victim just by chance found out where [the suspects] live and kept driving by. And yesterday when he drove by the garage door was open, and he says a lot of tools and other items in there. He was able to describe some of it. We were able to put it together with some of the reports of the properties we had taken. We ran a search warrant and we recovered a large amount of stolen property," said Captain Charles Thomas of the Bristol, Tennessee Police Department.

Tuesday afternoon people made their way to the garage hoping to find the property there and intact.

The police arrested Adam Vaughn and Roxanne Mershon Brown, and they are being held in connection with this string of auto burglaries and thefts that have affected more than 18 households and vehicles in the Redstone and Forest Hills area of Bristol.

Wilson tells us he recovered about 75 percent of his property. "The thing that I am really pleased with is knowing where he's at, that he's not taking stuff from anybody else. And that I was able to help the people in the neighborhood at getting their stuff back," said Wilson.

Wilson says his stolen property was valued at more than $8,000.

If you believe that your property was stolen as part of this string, Bristol, Tennessee police urge you to file a report at the jurisdiction in which the theft or burglary occurred.

The police also tell News 5 they believe the suspects may have hit other areas in the Tri-Cities.

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