Residents begin to move out of local nursing home

Residents begin to move out of local nursing home

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Residents at a local nursing home are moving out. The Bristol Health and Rehabilitation Center has been dealing with several issues, and some of those issues have forced a suspension of admissions.

We've been following the story from the beginning and learned currently a lot of work is being done by staff to help families find a new home.

There's been a looming question the last month for Ginger Litton who's mother Edith lives at Bristol Health and Rehabilitation Center, will she have to move out of room 132? The answer is yes. "We really hate to see this happen," added Litton.

Back in May the facility appealed cuts by Medicare and Medicaid and a judge in Sullivan County granted a temporary restraining order.

But that deadline is up, and Tennessee residents now have to find another place to live by next Thursday. "We're working with our Virginia families as well making them aware. We did receive notice from Virginia for the termination of Medicaid agreement on the Virginia side," said Eric Boston, Regional Vice President of Health Services.

As we've reported, the cuts came about after a Tennessee Health Department investigation which found what it calls 'several serious issues.'

Boston says appeals have been filed with the state and federal government.

The newest challenge is working with two different regional offices. "We're not entirely sure exactly how the Virginia certification process or re-certification process may or may not occur," added Boston.

We learned 28 Tennessee Medicare and Medicaid patients will be moved. For those on the Virginia side, nearly 40 residents could be affected.

One possibility is having only the Virginia side of the facility up and running.

We've learned a placement forum for families and staff will be held this Thursday from 2-7 p.m. to lessen the impact until issues are resolved.

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