Republicans take district delegate seats in Southwest Virginia

POSTED: 11:48 PM Nov 05 2013
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SMYTH CO., Va. -

Parts of Southwest Virginia will remain red.

Both District 5 and District 6 elected Republicans once again to fill their seats in the Virginia House of Delegates.

In January, Jeff Campbell will head to Richmond to represent the 6th district after a fierce campaign against Democrat Jonathan McGrady and Independent Barbara Hall.

"I don't view today as a political victory I view it as beginning. I'll tell you that their is no celebration today, that will happen when we open industrial parks and we fill them up and we make a positive economic change for this district," said Jeff Campbell.

Campbell will take the seat of Republican Anne Crockett-Stark.

He will not be the only member of the GOP to head to state capital.

The 5th district incumbent Israel O'Quinn ran unopposed.

He tells News 5 the having majority in region will have an automatic impact on the people who live and work in Southwest Virginia

"We have a working partner that immediately goes to Richmond with us that immediately goes into the majority and has an immediate impact on us in Southwest Virginia, that's exactly what we need," said Israel O'Quinn.

Campbell and O'Quinn both reiterated that their primary goal once the arrive in Richmond next year is to bring jobs to back here to Southwest Virginia.